​​​​​​​​Ancho Chorizo and Beef Chili *

Irish Lamb Stew *

Mom's Chicken Noodle

Roasted Tomato Chicken and Vegetable *

Tuscan Mushroom and Sausage *

Spicy Artichoke Jalapeno Asiago (Vegetarian) *

Cheese Enchilada (Vegetarian) *

Tomato Basil (Vegan) *

​* Denotes Gluten Free


​Caesar Salad (Vegetarian) 

Greek Salad (vegan) Optional Feta *​

Quinoa Cranberry Salad (Vegan) * 
Cathy's Won Bok Salad - Mixed greens, Won Bok Cabbage, Mung Bean Sprout,

Green Onion, Cucumber, Almond, Chow Mein Noodle, Tossed in a Creamy Ginger

Sesame Seed Dressing. (Vegetarian) 


London Broil, Manchego with Artichoke Asiago Cream Cheese

Blackened Turkey, Chipotle Gouda and Avocado

Garden Vegetable on Focaccia

Not all soups may be available all day.



Tuesday, March 19th